The Rise of the Poker Bots – Can They Really Make Money?


Unless you’ve lived in a cave for the past 5 years you can’t help but have a surge of interest in online poker. Everywhere from bus stops to TV commercials promotes the game and the casinos that allow you to play. It’s a huge global industry! Poker has a celebrity and stars have also jumped on the band to become poker playing celebrities in their own right.


The question for me has always been able to ‘normal’ people like me actually make any money playing poker? And flowing on from that, can you provide poker tables and the people you’re playing alongside. No, I don’t mean the fact that ‘Bulldog47’ is actually German housewife and not the bearded Texan her avatar picture makes her out to be! Are these people even at all – or are they ‘bots’, computer run players designed to rob me of my hard earned chips! And if there are ARE such as poker bots where do I get my hands on one and start making some cash while I sleep! 카지노사이트


Poker bots – or robots poker – are the relatives of the great chess computers. There’s something inspiring about taking on a machine in a test of mental agility … and it’s even more exciting there is a chance of winning some money from your digital adversary!
I’ve been on a mission to research and test various bots on the market and see if they really beat the game at home.

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